Solve the People Puzzle Book cover

“An exemplary business book. It’s packed with personal examples, research, and practical advice on one of the toughest challenge organizations face: finding, growing, and keeping excellent people.”

– Kim Jordan, Co-Founder, New Belgium Brewing Company

Solve The People Puzzle

What’s the people puzzle? It’s unique to every company and may include some or all of these things:

  • Addressing immediate hiring needs;
  • Finding and keeping Millennials;
  • Dealing with increasing turnover;
  • Understanding and improving your reputation as an employer;
  • Developing a talent strategy for the next 2-3 years to drive your growth.

How prevalent is the people puzzle? Attracting, engaging and retaining people is a key issue. In fact, a third of CEOs list this as #1 and 60% say this limits their company’s potential. A tighter labor market and rising wages amplify the issue. Engagement is low (Gallup reports that only 13% of workers are highly engaged) and turnover rates are on the rise (up 44% last year) with 3 in 4 employed workers either open to or actively seeking new opportunities.

High Growth Companies Attract and Retain Top Talent

In survey after survey, executives list attracting and retaining top talent as their #1 issue. While the people puzzle isn’t easy to solve, this book features compelling research, specific personal and client stories, and key perspectives from top business leaders and experts—all in a format that’s easy to read and prompts readers to act.

It’s an executive’s guide to finding, keeping, and growing the best.

Kathleen Quinn Votaw has years of experience working with CEOs who understand that traditional staffing methods don’t work for today’s companies. In this book she offers advice on:

  • keeping your employees engaged so they don’t leave
  • cultivating new hires—Always Be Cultivating (ABC) by thinking of recruitment as a sales process
  • attracting people who will thrive in your demanding, uncertain, entrepreneurial environment
  • hiring for attitude and cultural fit first, and parting ways quickly if the fit isn’t right
Kathleen Quinn Votaw

Advanced Praise for the Book

“I’ve been referring companies to Kathleen and TalenTrust for years because her approach is totally different and it works. I am sold on this key concept, which Kathleen employs both in her business and in this book: if you want A-players on your team, your company must spend as much time and effort attracting and retaining talented employees as it does on finding and keeping clients. Both investments lead to increased profit. I’m sure you’ll find her book thought provoking and a call to action.”

—Jack Daly –

“Kathleen provides the necessary pieces for solving one of the biggest challenges CEOs face today—attracting and retaining top talent and keeping them engaged. We live in a world where accomplishing all three has never been tougher or more necessary. It’s a must read for any business leader.”

—Leon Shapiro, Director on Vistage Worldwide Board and Coauthor of The Power of Peers

“People are the puzzle for many business leaders. In our never-ending search for the silver bullet, Kathleen’s book offers powerful insights for your company.”

Cameron Herold, Author, Double Double